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Finally among the top 10 Gamification gurus ..

Woot…Woot…Woot… Just a small post, thanking my readers for their time in reading my posts. I finally made it to the top 10 of gamification guru list after 15 months since I am competing, and currently ranked at 07 out of the few 1000s who compete on this leaderboard for the March-2014 rankings.

Being an Octalysis disciple, this falls under drive-3 of development and accomplishment, where I get a sense of accomplishment for my last month efforts and am feeling proud over it. Though this post by itself falls under drive-5 of social influence and relatedness  where I earn bragging rights for the whole month.

Can I make it to top -5, “Hey, April-14, what do you have for me?” .. 😉


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Posted by on March 4, 2014 in About me, Gamification

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